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Our history

Apel Fine Jewellery was founded in 1946. The business has always maintained an excellent reputation in the sale of engagement and wedding rings.

Founding and takeover

The shop dates back to 1946, and even then, Apel was considered the place for Copenhageners who were looking for just the right engagement or wedding ring.

When Thomas Kruse took over in 1994, the business was selling fewer of these rings. Thomas began to consider how he could put his own stamp on the business. One of his initiatives was handcrafted wedding and engagement rings made with a love of the goldsmith’s art and craftsmanship, with a focus on telling the couple’s story through the rings.

Focus on sustainability

Around 2008, Apel Fine Jewellery began buying old gold. It was originally a project that started during the financial crisis, when many began to sell off their gold. Over the years, however, the initiative took a different direction and today focuses more on recycling/reusing gold for sustainability.

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Apel today

Apel has always been a goldsmith with a focus on quality and genuine craftsmanship. For many years, the range was quite eclectic, with both handicrafts and jewellery in a variety of price ranges. When you visit our shop today, you will experience a more cohesive range and a very exclusive selection of jewellery.

Gold jewellery and precious gemstones

Today, Apel deals exclusively in gold (14ct and 18ct) and platinum jewellery, as well as diamonds and coloured precious stones of the highest quality. We strive to be a business that provides a special experience, where you leave with a piece of jewellery that tells a story.

Tel.: +45 33 13 28 31