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Our manager and staff have many years of experience and expertise in assessing jewellery, as well as providing guidance and advice in choosing jewellery. At the same time, they also have unique skills and the ability to design personal jewellery.

Thomas Cloos Kruse

Owner and manager of the Store Kongensgade shop. Thomas specialises in design, diamonds and precious stones, and has been with Apel since 1993. His passion is to create a piece of jewellery that suits the wearer in every conceivable way.

Thomas is self-taught and has been involved in the jewellery profession since the 1960s and 1970s, when his grandfather ran the ‘Kære Ven’ goldsmith shop in Copenhagen. Thomas excels at advising customers and designing jewellery, thanks to his unparalleled eye for proportion. He is especially passionate about creating unique jewellery for special occasions.

With a keen eye for contemporary trends, he is involved in spotting and selecting the designers and workshops behind the jewellery that adorns our range.

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