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Engagement Rings

There is a multitude of options when you are looking for an engagement ring in Copenhagen... At Apel Fine Jewellery, we focus on genuine craftsmanship and the individual. We present you with our selection of handcrafted engagement rings made with love.

A selection of our engagement rings

We have put together a small catalogue for inspiration, featuring rings that are typically used as engagement rings. Explore the catalogue for an idea of what we have in our shop, then come in for a chat and let us help you find the perfect ring.

Handcrafted and unique engagement rings

Express your love with one of the beautiful engagement rings from Apel Fine Jewellery on Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen. We offer selected collections. And we carefully hand-pick unique, handcrafted rings from small workshops in Denmark and other parts of the world. We make a point of finding the perfect ring that symbolises your love for your special someone as well as fitting her style and personality.

The most beautiful engagement rings in white gold set with diamonds

The most beautiful diamond and white gold engagement rings in Copenhagen can be found at Apel. An engagement ring in white gold with diamonds is one of the most popular styles, and for good reason. The gorgeous, gleaming gold, paired with one or more diamonds appeals to most women’s personal taste.

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A ring designed just for your special someone

We design and make beautiful personal pieces so you can get down on one knee and propose confidently with a unique ring. We focus on your requirements and provide professional advice based on many years of experience, so you get a ring that is just perfect.

What type of ring does she like?

Many people go for the classic engagement ring, also known as a solitaire ring - a simple ring featuring a single diamond. But there are so many other possibilities, so it’s a good idea to weigh your options carefully and consider what type of ring best suits your loved one’s style.

5 tips for choosing an engagement ring

  1. Is she the classic type, or she is more feminine or sporty in her style of clothing?
  2. What type of jewellery does she like? Does she prefer minimalist or chunky styles, or shiny, decorative pieces? Is her jewellery neutral or colourful and eclectic? Lots of curves and flourishes or a strict, clean design?
  3. Bring a picture. A photo of your fiancée-to-be is generally a good starting point for a conversation about her preferences and style. It’s ideal if you can find a picture that shows her hand to see whether it is elongated, broad, large or small.
  4. What colour of gold most appeals to her? Is she a lover of the classics, or more into white gold or rose gold?
  5. Always select something that is timeless and can be worn for years to come.

The right size ring

Rings rarely fit perfectly the first time they are tried on. It is far more important that you choose a ring you like, and if her answer is yes, it will be our job to customise the ring for your loved one’s finger.

Expert guidance

Whether you opt to buy an engagement ring as a surprise or you want to bring along your special someone so you can choose the ring together, Apel will provide you with expert guidance and beautiful handcrafted engagement rings made from the best and most exclusive materials on the market. Tell us your preferences in terms of design, style and price range, and together we will create the perfect piece of jewellery.

Tel.: +45 33 13 28 31