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Tennis Bracelets

The tennis bracelet is a classic, for those who love elegant, exclusive and simple design - and at Apel, you’ll find some of the most beautiful tennis bracelets in Copenhagen. All our bracelets are crafted in yellow gold or white gold and are made with high-quality craftsmanship.

Our tennis bracelets

Below is a selection of our tennis bracelets - we have even more in our shop located at Store Kongensgade 58 in Copenhagen. Please get in touch with us if you don’t see anything 100% to your liking.

Tennis Bracelets at Apel Fine Jewellery

At Apel, we offer the classic diamond tennis bracelet in yellow or white gold. When you buy from our shop on Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen, you will receive a bracelet that will last for many years to come.

Visit the shop and discover our tennis bracelets

If you’re also a fan of the classic tennis bracelet, come and visit us in our Copenhagen shop. We always provide skilful advice on our jewellery and will work with you to select the piece that best suits your individual style and personality.

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Why is it called a tennis bracelet?

Most people are familiar with the tennis bracelet that features multiple diamonds in a row. A classic and simple bracelet that appeals to most tastes - but do you know how the bracelet got its sporty name?

During the U.S. Open tennis tournament in 1987, tennis star Chris Evert’s diamond bracelet came unclasped and fell off her wrist, so the match was stopped until she found it. She was allowed to pick it up and put it on again. That is how the tennis bracelet got its rather special name.

The best and most beautiful gemstones

We source the diamonds for our bracelets directly from suppliers such as our long-term, trusted partners in Antwerp. Our suppliers have considerable expertise in selecting the best quality gemstones. At the same time, they also know all our requirements and preferences, which means we receive the perfect gemstones for our jewellery.

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