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Coloured precious gemstones

Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tourmalines - many different coloured gemstones can be used to make jewellery or purchased as an investment. Some stones are rarer than others, making them more expensive and more exclusive.

A selection of our coloured gemstones

Discover a selection of our coloured precious gemstones below. You are very welcome to visit us in the shop on Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen if you want to see more stones.

Loose coloured precious gemstones

At Apel Fine Jewellery, we have a vast array of loose gemstones that we use in the jewellery we design and make in our own workshop. Our pieces feature precious stones such as tourmalines and sapphires, as well as many other beautiful coloured gemstones. You also have the opportunity to buy our loose coloured stones to give as a gift or as an investment.

Fair trade and sustainability in focus

It is important to us that the stones we use in our jewellery are traded on fair terms. For this reason, we have spent a lot of time finding suppliers who can ensure that their gemstones are found and extracted under sustainable conditions and traded under conditions that are fair to all parties. This means the buyer, the seller and all personnel involved in the process.

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Untreated sapphires in a rainbow of colours

We are one of the few jewellers in Denmark to deal in untreated sapphires, which we use in pieces such as rings, pendants and earrings. Our sapphires mainly come from Madagascar and are sourced through a company with a strong focus on fair trade.

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