White gold ring with diamonds

A stylish piece of jewellery that can be worn both day and night - that’s part of what makes a white gold diamond ring special. We have different versions of them in our shop in Copenhagen and their popularity is clear to see.

A white gold ring with one or more diamonds

There is no specific type of white gold diamond ring. It is more a question of the ring being made of white gold. It may be a solitaire ring with a single stone or an eternity ring featuring an array of smaller stones. It could also be a three-stone ring or a halo ring, as long as the metal used is white gold.

Extensive selection at Apel Goldsmiths

Our shop is ideally located in Copenhagen, so you can easily stop by and see our extensive selection of white gold rings set with diamonds. We look forward to telling you more about this type of ring and are always ready with guidance and advice so you can find the ring of your dreams.

What exactly is white gold?

White gold is an alloy with gold and at least one other white metal, for example, silver or palladium. The finest quality of white gold is at least 17ct and is made up of gold and palladium. The alloy can sometimes contain some platinum for weight and durability. Despite its name, the colour of white gold is actually light grey - reminiscent of silver.

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Why do you use white gold?

White gold has grown more and more popular over the years. Historically, white gold was not as widely used among jewellers, but that has changed. Today, many jewellers choose white gold because it has a lovely sheen and because it is very durable. And since it is a metal alloy, there is less risk of scratches and general wear over time.

Looks a bit like silver, but lasts longer

Due to its shiny, light-coloured surface, white gold can be difficult to distinguish from silver. However, they are far from comparable. Firstly, it consists mainly of gold (otherwise you could not call it gold). Secondly, it is much stronger and more durable than silver, so using white gold is a better choice, especially for making more delicate jewellery. Lastly, it is also a more expensive and more exclusive metal.