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There are almost no limitations to how a ring can be designed. If the designer is given free rein, a small, unique work of art is often the result. We offer a wide assortment of these small works of art and can help you to select the right one.

A selection of our rings

Here we present a selection of our rings - and you are also always welcome to visit our shop at Store Kongensgade 58 in Copenhagen, where we can show you our entire range of rings in various materials and explore the possibilities for creating a custom-designed ring.

A very special ring

At Apel Fine Jewellery in Copenhagen, we have an extensive selection of unique and handcrafted rings in gold and platinum. We offer curated collections of jewellery from both well-known and lesser-known designers. We carefully hand-pick our rings from small workshops at home and abroad. Visit our shop located at Store Kongensgade 58 in Copenhagen and let us show you our selection of unique rings.

Design your own ring

Do you dream of a ring that has been designed just for you? If you want a truly unique and personal ring, Apel Fine Jewellery is just the right place. We have many years of experience in designing one-of-a-kind jewellery for our customers. Through genuine craftsmanship, expert guidance and attention paid to the individual, we can create a ring that tells your story.

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Only the best materials

We are very focused on ensuring top quality in the jewellery we sell. For this reason, we sell only jewellery crafted in gold and platinum and featuring gemstones and pearls of the highest quality.

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