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Princess ring

Many associate the term princess ring with a simple ring featuring a large diamond. It’s a ring that is very feminine and is suitable for a feminine and romantic woman. Others may associate this style of ring with Disney or fairy tales.

A ring for your princess in Copenhagen

The term princess ring most likely stems from our inclination to find pet names for each other when we are in a relationship. These can include ‘honey’, ‘darling’, or ‘princess’. So, when you go out to look for a ring for that special someone, you will of course be looking for a ring for your princess. It’s quite logical and very understandable - and if you want to find this ring in Copenhagen, look no further than Apel on Store Kongensgade.

We have it at Apel Fine Jewellery

At Apel Fine Jewellery, our wide selection features an enchanting array of engagement rings with simple bands set with one large gemstone. Our rings span the style spectrum - from the completely classic and charmingly romantic to bold, contemporary and on-trend pieces. In other words, we have just the right ring - whether your loved one is all about romance and fairy tales or the more stylish and minimalist look.

The solitaire ring is an excellent option

A solitaire ring is probably one of the most classic choices when it comes to simple rings with a single gemstone. A solitaire ring is comprised of a single central diamond mounted in a simple setting. It is a very feminine and classic piece, in which the timeless qualities of the setting showcase the diamond’s dazzling beauty as the centre of attention.

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