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Diamond and pearl bracelets

The most beautiful pearl and diamond bracelets of high quality. This is the kind of bracelet you will find at Apel Fine Jewellery in Copenhagen - we are uncompromising when it comes to quality: in both our materials and craftsmanship.

A selection of our diamond and pearl bracelets

Here is a selection of our diamond and pearl bracelets - we have more in our shop at Store Kongensgade 58 in Copenhagen, where we will be pleased to help you choose the right bracelet.

Diamond bracelets for every taste

We offer the classic tennis bracelet and many other bracelets set with diamonds. You can find diamond bracelets of all kinds in our shop on Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen - from the classic to more modern styles.

A shop with experience

At Apel, you get expert service in a class of its own. We take pride in our approachability, expert guidance and unique jewellery, so you’ll feel that you’re in good hands. We take our profession very seriously, and you will sense it as soon as you step into our shop.

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Bracelet with a diamond certificate

When you buy a bracelet with stones of a certain size, you will often receive a certificate from the GIA as proof of the diamonds’ quality. The acronym GIA stands for "Gemological Institute of America", the institution with an international reputation for evaluating and assessing the quality of diamonds based on the most stringent criteria.

The most beautiful stones and cuts

We source the diamonds for our bracelets directly through suppliers such as our long-term, trusted partners in Antwerp. Since we have worked with our suppliers for many years, they know exactly what we want and this ensures that we receive only the best and most beautiful gemstones.

In addition, we are also highly focused on the cut of each individual diamond. The cut is of vital importance to how well the stone’s proportions and colours are expressed when it is set in a bracelet.

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