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Your old silverware could be very valuable. Do you have family silver, cutlery, plates or silver coins lying around that you don’t use, and that have no sentimental value to you? We buy your old silver at the market’s highest current price, which means that the price per gram varies from day to day.

We buy silver in Copenhagen

Silver prices are currently very high, and at Apel you’ll always get the best possible price for your silver with a deal you can trust. We buy silver in our shop on Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen, where experienced staff are on hand to advise you. We buy silver at current market prices, which means that the purchase price follows the world market, so you always get a fair price.

Money or new jewellery

The value of the silver can be transferred to your bank account, but you can also opt for a more advantageous trade. If you decide to receive the value in the form of a new piece of jewellery, we will give you more to spend. Come into the shop or call us for an idea of how much your old silverware is worth. We offer some of the best silver prices in Copenhagen.

Silver prices

Bring your silver into the shop and get an offer, or fill out our contact form if you have questions.

The quality of silver is measured in sterling and towers

Silver has always been a popular material because it is beautiful, simple and durable. When it comes to jewellery, the purity of silver is typically measured in sterling. 92.5% sterling silver is the purest and finest quality for jewellery making. A higher silver content will often make the material too soft for practical use, in the same way that gold of a high carat is less resistant to abrasions than gold of a lower carat. In Denmark, silver quality can also be denoted by the number of towers in its hallmark. The three towers are a silver hallmark (83.0%), and are derived from the official coat of arms of Copenhagen, which also features three towers. The purchase and sale prices of silver will depend on the silver’s quality.

The highest silver content is found in fine silver

In addition to sterling silver and ‘three tower’ silver, there is also what is known as fine silver, which has the higher silver content. Fine silver at 999 parts per thousand is only rarely used in jewellery making, as its high purity makes it too soft and therefore not as durable. However, fine silver is used in the making of coins and silver bars. All purchase and sale of silver in Denmark requires proper stamping, so you can always see the silver grade.

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Silver comes in many forms

Denmark has a long tradition of using silver for jewellery making. In response to changes in fashion, silver has been used in matte, polished and oxidised forms. Silver has been polished, engraved, textured, or used alone or in combination with other precious metals such as gold.

A deal you can trust

The purchase and sale of silver is largely a matter of trust. It is important that you feel comfortable with the process, and that you are offered prices that correspond to the current silver market price. At Apel, we treat your old silver objects with respect and assure you of a fair trade with a high level of trustworthiness. The money from the sale can be transferred to your bank account or converted into new, beautiful jewellery in collaboration with our highly skilled staff. Visit our welcoming shop and showroom on Store Kongensgade, where silver is bought at a good price without prior appointment.

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