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A jewellery collection is like your wardrobe - it can be mixed and matched in countless ways. Sometimes you just need some good ideas for styling your jewellery, and perhaps the collection lacks one integral piece.

Styling your jewellery

At Apel, we have many years of experience styling jewellery pieces so that they accentuate the personality of the one who wears them. For example, if you have many different kinds of jewellery, we can help you re-imagine how to put them together so they always emphasise your own personality. If you have a small collection, we can advise you on how you can best complement it to attain a more complete jewellery collection.

Book us for a review of your jewellery collection

If you are interested in getting a professional take on your jewellery’s possibilities and our advice and guidance on re-imagining your jewellery in new ways or how you can complement what you already have, please get in touch to make an appointment.

Give a jewellery styling session as a gift

If you know a woman with a jewellery collection that you think could use a review, a jewellery styling session could be an excellent gift idea. We would be happy to create a gift card for a review with input on styling and suggestions for pieces to add to an existing collection.

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